BBC Countryfile come Sheep Trekking in The Brecon Beacons

Ever know whether emails sent to such popular programmes as Countryfile are read? We are happy to say that they are! Even though it took a year, Julia’s press release about Good Day Out to their BBC research team was just the ticket when this Brecon Beacons feature was filmed in November 2016 and Sheep Trekking was officially introduced to the UK public!

Producer Kate Edwards was planning a feature about droving sheep, so the concept of Sheep Trekking combined with the route that our treks take along ancient drovers’ paths made a great narrative, and the quirkiness of the actual Sheep Trek added a light touch to the programme. 

Amazingly, the weather behaved itself and stayed dry, but we were all envious of Helen Skelton’s super-warm bobble hat – the sign of a consummate professional along with being charming and cheerful all day. Filming took place at various points around the 200 acre farm, but we did have one unwanted TV extra as Bethan’s grey pony insisted on joining the picnic and was seriously unhappy at being asked to leave the set!

At least the sheep behaved and Paul, Liz, Nicola & I had a chance to chat both on and off screen with the crew, making it a hugely memorable day, and the additional Sheep Trekkers all patiently waited for sound, camera and beasties to be ready.

In true local fashion the episode was screened at The Tanners Arms, with a good turnout of the local farming community and their families. As the episode started, some passing visitors wandered in seeking food, and must have thought Defynnog to be the oddest village where most of the population turns out on a Sunday night to the local pub to watch Countryfile!

“I’ve got to be honest, I thought you guys were bonkers before I came here, but now I accept that you are making the best of the Beacons!”  Helen Skelton – BBC Countryfile Nov 2016

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