Coronavirus Covid-19 update

We are writing to our customers who are booked for an experience over the next two months and will be writing to more voucher holders very soon.

I am afraid we have decided that need to cancel all activities until at least May, and most likely longer which has been a very tough decision. Hoping that’s not a surprise! Although we are a very low risk activity, we are worried about bringing in more people to the area which has a sparse population, with a fair number of elderly people. We would also hate for someone to contract the virus whilst travelling to us whether 10 miles or a few hundred.

Today’s advice from the Welsh Government is please don’t come at the moment.

Hoping many of you that are holding vouchers would still like to come for a walk when it is safe to do so, and we are more than happy to extend all current vouchers for at least a year to allow for the new normal to start or as long as needed. This is the best option for us and gives us security to hit the ground running when the new normal is here. However, if you prefer a refund or will not be able to attend at all in the future, please let us know. Apologies in advance if a little slow responding to anyone.

Hope all is well with you all & do take care through these difficult times.

On the positive, although we don’t think the virtual walks we have been filming in the farm are now appropriate as we don’t wish to taunt anyone stuck indoors, we are making some short information clips about the Good Day Out animals that we hope you will enjoy. Hopefully will get to know their personalities a little before we see you when it is safe.

Please follow our social media pages where we’ll post details as the videos are available. Don’t expect perfect edits as it’s been a rather swift up-skill kind of week – the 1st Dinky Donkey video we did yesterday mainly featured ears & sky….. hope these videos will at least amuse you in these difficult times.

We are delighted that people are still buying our gift vouchers, which come as standard with 15 months & we are more than happy to extend this should anyone struggle to book within this time. It’s a great way to give someone something to look forward to during these awful days. We’ll even print and post vouchers with a gift card for free on request so you can give that extra special present.

Keep yourselves safe & see you soon!

Julia & the Good Day Out team

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