Gwlad yr Asyn – Donkey graphic novel

It’s a beautifully crafted graphic novel that is based on Wyn Mason’s Welsh play about the trials and tribulations of a little donkey. And the best thing is that our own little donkey, Goose, was the model for the main character. Wyn’s talented daughter, Efa Blosse Mason collaborated with her father on the wonderful illustrations, and they both visited us to spend time with The Dinks to get an idea of how donkeys move and behave.

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, who co-produced the original production with Wyn Mason & Os Nad Nawr, describes the play:

“Ari is not your usual donkey; she was raised in a cosy home by a kind old lady. Now living in a donkey sanctuary somewhere in West Wales, she yearns for a life once more among humans. After being bought by a new owner, an unexpected friendship grows between her and an unruly, rebellious donkey, and she suddenly becomes aware of her captivity.”

During the visit, Wyn described the play as “The Tempest with donkeys” and acknowledges Shakespeare’s play as the initial inspiration for Gwlad yr Asyn’s characters.


Nation Cymru’s astute review shows the breadth of the subjects tackled in this wonderful parable, including:  

“Ari, having been brought up in a human world has many identity issues, not to mention an uncertain sense of what constitutes freedom or what is necessary to feel independent. In light of such issues it’s tempting to read the novel as a parable about Wales, although one suspects that the author’s intentions are far more universal than that. He certainly touches on some pretty contemporary themes, not least rewilding with all of its contentions and complexities.”

graphic novel for welsh speakers and welsh learners featuring donkeys

Wyn’s daughter Efa Blosse Mason is a very talented young visual artist and animator, with acclaimed animations including the poignant Cwch Deilen (Leaf Boat) which is available on iPlayer

Follow Efa on Insta & enjoy her uplifting posts and follow the progress of her career @efabm

During their visit, Efa and Wyn indicated there may even be an animated version of Gwlad yr Asyn……. Can’t wait!


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