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Virtual Job for a Donkey


Help our donkeys this winter by giving them some virtual work.


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Whilst Wales is in and out of lockdown through the winter, our little donkeys are in need of a bit of work to keep them occupied until you can visit us again.

Each of our four donkeys has a different vocation, so you can employ your favourite one virtually and in return you will receive a lanyard and also can book in an online session with them. Should you prefer a bespoke horoscope from Mystic Betty, you will need to send us your date of birth for the reading, and you receive this along with a special bag charm/key ring.

The lanyards and horoscope with charm can be posted for you can receive them virtually if you prefer.

Please visit our blog for the fuller story about why the donkeys want jobs, and also why each has their own skill set, but here is the list of who you can hire and why:

  • Betty wishes work as a Librarian or other quiet work back-office
  • Goose is willing to apply his mathematical and analytical skills to Accountancy or Book-keeping
  • Maverick would excel in Sales, but would be most suited to being a Bull in a China Shop
  • Bertie already has a virtual job for Aqueous Digital in Cheshire, but has some part-time availability as the office uncle who listens to everyone’s problems at the water cooler.
  • Betty also is an amateur Astrologer and will read your Horoscope from a donkey’s perspective.

Give Bertie the Mini Donkey a Job, Give Betty the Donkey a Job, Give Goose the Dinky Donkey a Job, Give Maverick the Dinky Donkey a Job, Mystic Betty will read your Horoscope

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