Thank you for helping to Make a Difference

Delighted to say that a whopping £1370 has just winged it way off to three of the good causes we support!

Huge thanks to all of you who have helped these charitable causes by enjoying a Good Day Out experience – we just love helping charity whilst helping people have a good time.

The good causes that have just benefited are:

Retiremutt (£591), which was set up to help support retired police dogs in Dyfed-Powys with medical bills as many have joint issues after a strenuous work life. Unlike their human colleagues, there is no provision for any pension or care packages. Retiremutt was nominated as the charity for our Piggy Walks as our piggy wrangler as Helena has close connections with police dog work. Have a look at Twitter #Retiremutt to check out the latest posts of dogs in their retirement.

Brecon Mountain Rescue (£499) which is entirely manned by volunteers and funded by donations. This charity saves many lives annually and is highly specialised in search and rescue in this beautiful area. Julia & Angharad the Dinky Donkey wranglers chose Brecon Mountain Rescue as an appropriate charity for the little donkeys to support as there are so many times people can find themselves in trouble on the hills. Keeping locals and visitors safe is a huge responsibility and the volunteers give large amounts of time to keep their amazing skills up to date. 

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI)  (£280) which is farming’s oldest and largest support charity that supports farmers and their families in times of need. RABI was chosen by both Ross who is our Sheep Dog trainer and professional shepherd & shearer, plus also Nicola who ran our Sheep Trekking. RABI not only helps during crises with the elderly and those who find themselves unable to work, but also have caseworkers to offer mental health support as many agricultural workers are very isolated and work very long hours.


Good Day Out was set up to create employment opportunities in this rural area, and also to work within the virtuous circle of helping good causes. This in turn gives the participants an added feelgood factor whilst enjoying themselves, and everyone benefits. 

Definition of ’virtuous circle’

RPD Ben retired police dog helped by Retiremutt charity
sheep experience in the brecon beacons
help good causes with Good Day Out experience days

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