Experiences with Animals this July in the Brecon Beacons

With all the changes as Lockdown rules changes, you may be wondering what is open this summer in the Brecon Beacons as we hope to emerge from the Covid-19 world?

We are really pleased that we have the “Good to Go” Kitemark and are able to re-open our Walking with Animals experiences and activities with animals. The rules to keep you safe are changing swiftly, but at the moment we are aiming to open on 11th July to coincide with self-contained holiday accommodation locally as the majority of our lovely customers travel and stay near us.

We will be operating to begin with holding experiences with just one family bubble, and this will change as the government advice does. Since all our activities are normally held within tiny groups outside, this isn’t too different from our normal experiences. We’ll advise you as you book how many people are likely to be on your specific group but we are very happy to offer dedicate “private” walks on demand if you are concerned or part of a more vulnerable group.

To begin with, we are offering Piggy Walks with piggy paddling if the stream isn’t too deep, and Dinky Donkey Walks or Agility Games with the mini donkeys that they love.

Please be assured that we take your safety seriously. The Piggies live at a different location to the Dinkies, but both have an outside toilet with hand washing facilities and the picnics will be offered in the safest way possible – we’ll advise you on booking but happy to offer the walks without picnics if preferred.

We are all about low key, quiet, kind interaction, spending quality time with the animals and their knowledgeable handlers. Now is the time to escape the urban jungle & have a good day out with us.


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