Wintry days are upon us and although we are looking forward to seeing our lovely visitors again soon in safer times, we suspect it won’t be for at least one to two months, possibly more. In the meantime, we have come up with a way of helping the little donkeys during lockdown.

During the 1st lockdown in 2020, The Dinks started doing online sessions with Zoom & Teams to pop in to family gatherings and also adding a bit of fun and light-heartedness to corporate events and team socials. One unexpected consequence of our early bookings was with Aqueous Digital who fell in love with Bertie over Friday night company drinks, and this led to Bertie being virtually employed by them as Head of Turf Management. He has developed his role within the company and has popular features on their social media including Bertie’s Wednesday Wisdom marketing tips and also a Spotify quiz on Fridays.

Bertie has been the natural “uncle at the water cooler” type of employee until now so it is great to see him out and about enjoying his role which boosts morale and the office are all looking forward to meeting him in person when it is possible.

With this in mind, the others have decided it is time they all also got virtual jobs to keep them in carrots this winter. Here are their ideal jobs, so wish them luck:

Betty the Donkey would like to be a librarian


Betty the donkey is a gentle soul who had a slightly difficult start to life but she has a good attitude to life and work. Although she follows an Eeyore philosophy and can be shy, she gives her all to those she trusts.

Betty is looking for part-time virtual employment as a Librarian or filing clerk, where she can work quietly behind the scenes. Although she has hooves and is unable to type, she has good analytical skills.

Betty also is an amateur astrologer and loves to read Horoscopes for her friends. Being a donkey gives her a different perspective as to what is important in life, and her readings are unconventional but frequently illuminating.

have your stars read by Mystic Betty


Our smallest & youngest little dinky donkey definitely has an aptitude for numbers and will make a great virtual accountant or book keeper. He is very smart and has great levels of concentration. Things do need to add up however, otherwise he will take time to resolve anything before moving on – this is sometimes mistaken as stubbornness.

Unlike his older half-brother, Maverick, Goose displays a high level of quiet determination and willingness to learn.

goose the donkey works at being an accountant


Although only 2 weeks separate the brothers, Maverick and Goose could scarcely be any more different in character. While Goose is quiet with a strong work ethic, Maverick has always been more extrovert and would be well suited to a sales role as he is smart and quick thinking. However, as he plays a lot of football and rugby in his spare time, with slight impulse control issues on occasion, we believe he will be most suited in the role of Bull in a China Shop. He could possibly work on his football skills to become a virtual player, but due to his young age of 3 1/2 we would recommend his playing for a local club rather than the premier league.

donkey in a china shop behaving like a bull gooddayout


Although Bertie is pretty busy with his marketing work and corporate appearances with Aqueous Digital, he has a little spare time should you need to virtually employ an avuncular donkey at the water cooler. Bertie is a gentle soul, very self-effacing about his skills and is a great listener. He was born in Holland but luckily gained UK residency pre-Brexit, but speaks Dutch and some German so is a huge asset to any organisation.

Thank you for considering employing any of the little guys for some virtual work this winter. If you do decide to offer one of them some work, you will receive a lanyard featuring your chosen donkey and their virtual job title, as well as a 10 minute Zoom / Teams /  Whatsapp / Skype with them which can be mutually arranged. If you would like Betty to read your horoscope, you will receive this along with a Mystic Betty bag charm / key ring.


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