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Goodbye to helping Hedgehogs for now

Very sad to say that we will no longer be able to run our Hedgehog experiences with West Wales Hedgehog Rescue. Di, who runs the Rescue from her home has really enjoyed this year meeting Good Day Out punters from all over the world, but regrets that she will be unable to continue in 2020 due to her husband’s progressively ill health.

She is though still committed to every care for the little hogs and hoglets that are nursed by her and her volunteers, and we wish them luck with the new “hogspital” area planned in the garden.

We hope that it may be possible to find a new wildlife partner to offer similar days in the future but will be in contact with anyone holding a current voucher to arrange a transfer of experience or refund – please do get in touch if you have a voucher and haven’t heard from us.

If you would like to hear about possible future developments, the best way is to join our mailing list for our infrequent newsletters, or follow our website & social media if you prefer.

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