We are wanting to thank the NHS – Of course we love you! You have been out there keeping the rest of us safe through the crisis and want to repay that kindness when we can.

We will be happy to give a 15% discount for NHS workers for all our experiences, and where we can, will add in special little touches like a Babysham Picnic with the Dinkies, a Thank You cake or whatever we think will make your day when we are all through this crisis and you can visit us.

We don’t wish to be encouraging people to be visiting Wales or flouting the lockdown rules, but just letting you know we will love seeing you when this is all over, and we have accommodation nearby who feel likewise and we can offer a great weekend or mini-break in some of the most beautiful countryside of the UK.

We also offer vouchers and you can buy an undated experience for a friend or loved one, or you can even buy an anonymous experience for an NHS worker – we can find a deserving person for you!

Please get in touch if you have any ideas of how we can help, or if you would like to help others. Let’s hope the New Normal world is a more giving and compassionate place.

Good Day Out has been offering small group experiences that help people to engage with the landscape, animals and conservation for the last 6 years. With many participants who suffer from PTSD or other anxiety issues, as well as people just wanting to have a good day out, we have perfect days out to relax and unwind. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 

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